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The Digital Lending Platform for E-commerce

We are a leading ecosystem serving a total addressable market with a 300 million+ population and over 5 million SMEs in Uzbekistan, Lebanon, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Iraq, and Pakistan, providing access to financing through innovative distribution channels.

The Products

We offer merchants and consumers access to 3 financing products: Inventory Financing for SMEs, interest-free deferred payments with 4 installments and interest-bearing loans up to 12 installments for consumers with partner banks. 


B2B → "ZoodPay SME Inventory financing"
30 Days

fees applicable

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B2C → "ZoodPay Consumer
Buy Now Pay Later"
4 installments

no fees or commissions

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B2C → "ZoodPay Consumer Credit"
6 or 12 installments

fees applicable 

Our Distribution Channels

4,000 online and offline merchants, coupled with a proprietary marketplace used by 10 million users, offer plenty of channels to deliver financing instantly and in a scalable way.

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ZoodPay "Marketplace"

Flexible payments through ZoodMall

7m products from 30,000 sellers 

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ZoodPay "Merchant"

Flexible payments online, on merchants' stores (by API)

1,000 online merchants

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ZoodPay "In-store"

Flexible payments in brick-and-mortar stores

3,000 stores

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Flexible payment with ZoodMall Marketplace

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