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1. What is ZoodPay? 
ZoodPay is a simple and convenient payment solution that empowers you to Buy Now and Pay Later without interest or hidden fees! 
2. How does ZoodPay work? 
The process is very simple: select the ZoodPay payment method on the check-out screen of our Partner’s online store, provide the necessary information and confirm it by the received SMS code – and that is it! After instant approval, the merchant will ship your order. 
If you select the ZoodPay installment payment method, we will split your order amount into 4 equal monthly installments. The first installment is processed immediately at the order’s confirmation while the others will be withdrawn from your bank card every 30 days.    
If you select the ZoodPay Pay After Delivery payment method, your bank card will be charged on the 14th day after order delivery – you can unpack first and pay later! 
ZoodPay does not apply any interest or hidden fees if payments are made on time.
3. What is ZoodPay Installment?
ZoodPay Installment is an interest-free payment solution for shopping in our Partner’s online stores that allows you to split an order amount into 4 equal installments and pay for the purchase in smaller monthly payments. For your convenience, all payments will be automatically withdrawn from the bank card that you presented to ZoodPay. The first payment is withdrawn instantly at the moment of the order’s confirmation. The second and the third and the fourth payments are withdrawn after 30 and 60 and 90 days from the order date.
4. What is ZoodPay Pay After Delivery?
ZoodPay Pay After Delivery is an interest-free payment solution for shopping in our Partner’s online stores that allows you to receive and unpack your order and pay for it 14 days later. For your convenience, the order amount, without any fees, will be automatically withdrawn from the bank card that you presented to ZoodPay on the 14th day after the order’s delivery.  
5. Who can use ZoodPay?
To use ZoodPay you must be at least 18 years old and have a valid local phone number as well as a bank card which is valid at least for the next 3 months.  
6. Where and how can I use ZoodPay?
You can use the ZoodPay payment solutions at any of our Partners’ online stores. All you need to do is to select ZoodPay at the check-out screen, confirm the provided information by the received SMS code and you will get an instant decision. After the confirmation, the merchant will ship your order. No registration is needed - once you provide your contact details, ZoodPay will create you an account where all orders and payment information are easily accessible. You can access your ZoodPay account here: 
7. Is there any limit on shopping with ZoodPay?
The maximum amount for ZoodPay purchases is USD 475 in the equivalent of the local currency. When you use ZoodPay for the first time, new-comer limit is assigned to you, but the more you buy, the higher limit you get – your limit is growing with every successful repayment! 
Limit for the purchases with ZoodPay depends on the 2 main factors:  your payment’s history in ZoodPay, 
and the ZoodPay payment solution you choose. 
Make sure all your ZoodPay payments are made on time to get the maximum limit.

8. Are there any fees for using ZoodPay?  
ZoodPay allows you to buy the products you want and pay for them later without any interest or hidden fees! Our income comes from our partners – the merchants - we charge them a small fee to be able to provide you a completely free service. You just choose one of the ZoodPay payment solutions (Installment or Pay After Delivery) and pay nothing extra if you keep up with timely payments as set forth in your payment plan (ZoodPay may charge late fees if you do not pay on time). 
9. Why wasn’t my order approved? 
The ZoodPay automatic decision-making engine assesses every order individually and takes into consideration multiple factors, such as your shopping history with Zoodpay, outstanding ZoodPay orders, general credit history and the information you provided at the sign up.  
If your order was not approved, we suggest checking the following: 
- Are there sufficient funds in your bank account for the initial installment? 
- Make sure there is at least 1/4 of the order amount available in your account for the 1st ZoodPay payment. 
- Have you provided a valid income* card? Try again: make sure you provide the correct card details or add another card. 
- Is the available ZoodPay limit lower than your order amount? Decrease new order amount or repay previous order - then you will be able to place a new one. 
- Did you have late payments for your previous ZoodPay orders?
We will reconsider your request after 1 month. Make payments on time to be able to use the interest-free ZoodPay payment solutions. 
The more orders you successfully repaid in the past, the easier is to proceed with a new order and an instant approval. 
* We recommend providing the bank card to which you receive your monthly salary to make sure your order is confirmed by ZoodPay. 

10. Does ZoodPay protect my personal information?
Your personal information security is at the center of ZoodPay’s attention – we strive to make online shopping safe and secure. We respect your right to the privacy of your data and designed our systems to prevent any unauthorized use of your personal information. For more details, please read the ZoodPay Privacy Policy - it is presented at the check-out screen every time you place an order.  
11. What is ZoodPay contact info? 
We are happy to help you with any ZoodPay related questions. Please contact our support team: 
  • Uzbekistan
+9978712090075 (09:00-18:00, Monday-Friday)
  • Kazakhstan
+77273410085 (09:00-18:00, Monday-Friday)
  • Iraq
+9647828192741 (10:00-19:00, Monday-Sunday)
  • Jordan
+96264296113 (09:00-18:00, Monday-Sunday)
  • Kuwait
+96522270146 (10:00-19:00, Monday-Sunday)
  • Saudi Arabia
+966114845821 (10:00-19:00, Monday-Sunday)
  • Lebanon
+9614727070 (09:00-18:00, Monday-Sunday)

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