Headquartered in Switzerland, the ZoodPay & ZoodMall app has already more than 8 million users and ten offices across the Middle East and Central Asia. The business commits to delivering "Swiss quality" shopping experience and cross-border services to merchants and shoppers across fast-growing fintech and e-commerce emerging markets such as Uzbekistan, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Kazakhstan.


In addition to the ZoodMall marketplace, ZoodPay’s ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ Super App also encompasses the logistics cross-border corridor, ZoodShip. This ecosystem empowers and incentivizes merchants in the Middle East, Central Asia, China, Europe, Russia, and Turkey to open their storefronts to local, low-penetrated and fast-growing markets without additional set-up costs or fees. Merchants have a unique one-stop value proposition by offering ZoodPay’s BNPL solution in their offline and online stores and/or by listing their products on ZoodMall. ZoodPay will support merchants in gaining new customers, including the underbanked, with higher-order value and building brand loyalty by offering:


  1. Secure, flexible, and popular payment methods either by cash or through ZoodPay’s 'Buy Now Pay Later' solution.

  2. Creating demand generation and marketing for products through ZoodMall, ZoodPay’s B2C marketplace, which offers more than 7 million products from over 30,000 local and cross-border sellers.

  3. Full-operational logistics support for delivery and customer support to reduce product returns.

The ZoodPay 


Why ZoodPay ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’?

ZoodPay’s fintech solution offers shoppers options to buy products in their local currency, both online and in stores, with the flexibility of paying in 4 to 6 monthly installments with 0% interest and no fees. Customers can also opt for paying the full amount during 14 after delivery, so they have the chance of unpacking first and paying later. The process is easy and fully online with no paperwork needed, and the decision is instant.           


Merchants can integrate ZoodPay’s API with their online stores, allowing them to sell to their customers with the flexibility of receiving the goods first and paying in installments without interest or fees. Integrating the ZoodPay API on online stores and apps is a seamless online process allowing shoppers to finalize their transactions on the merchants’ channels. Once done, customers can choose ZoodPay as their payment method at checkout, fill in their personal information, and receive an instant decision about their credit limit.


While online shoppers in the markets serviced by ZoodPay will purchase products in their local currency, merchants will be reimbursed in local currency or in EUR. 


There are numerous benefits for merchants using ZoodPay solutions in driving their sales, including having access to an alternative payment method to cash-on-delivery, easier entry to the fast-growing online shopping markets in the Middle East and Central Asia, building brand loyalty, as well as the ability to acquire new customers with higher-order value. 


Furthermore, merchants using ZoodPay solutions can expect to substantially reduce their customer servicing costs, increase their average order value, and reduce their product returns. 


Why ZoodMall - the Middle East & Central Asia Leading Marketplace?

Another feature for merchants operating from the Middle East, Central Asia, China, Europe, Russia, and Turkey is the availability of ZoodMall, ZoodPay’s marketplace, for demand generation and promotion of products inclusive of a ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ option.


ZoodMall is the Middle East and Central Asia fastest-growing mobile-only shopping app with over 8 million users, providing consumers access to over 7 million products from more than 30,000 local and cross-border merchants, with the option to pay cash-on-delivery or with one of the ZoodPay payment methods. 


ZoodMall’s marketplace is an ideal solution for cross-border merchants seeking access to countries of the Middle East and Central Asia with a BNPL solution, given the low penetration and fast-growing nature of these markets. 


Moreover, ZoodMall overcomes the logistic challenges in delivery or local set-up with a quick integration solution and a low cost of search, which negates financial risk by reducing the need to invest massively before testing the markets and limits costs to only sales performance, and relieves the cumbersome need to manage customer support. 



Buy Now Pay Later with ZoodMall Marketplace