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Streamline your business with our fulfillment center

We are excited to announce a new range of services that will help you grow your business and make your selling experience on our platform even better. All you need is to store your products in our fulfillment center in Uzbekistan. 


Our new services include:


Stock Financing: Access the working capital you need to grow your business without worrying about cash flow issues. We offer stock financing solutions to qualified sellers to help them expand their business.


Free Warehousing: Store your products in our secure and modern warehouses without any charge. Our free warehousing service allows you to manage your inventory and fulfill orders quickly and efficiently.


Free Delivery to Lockers: We offer free delivery to lockers across Tashkent, making it easy for your customers to receive their orders whenever and wherever they want.


Free Content Factory: Our expert team of content writers and photographers will generate high-quality product descriptions, marketing content, and stunning product photos for your products to help increase their visibility and sales.


Four Hours Delivery in Tashkent: Our customers in Tashkent can now enjoy quick and efficient delivery of their orders within 4 hours.


Premium Sections in ZOOD App: With our new Premium Sections, you can showcase your products in a distinct section of our app, giving your products more visibility and reach.


At ZOOD, we always strive to provide our sellers with the best services. These new services will help you grow your business, increase sales, and take your selling experience on our platform to the next level. So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of these services today and start growing your business on ZOOD! 

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Flexible payment with ZoodMall Marketplace

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