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Buy Samsung smartphones in
six installments with ZoodPay

ZoodPay, in partnership offers customers in  Lebanon, Iraq, Uzbekistan, and Jordan the chance to buy a new Samsung smartphone instantly online and pay in 6 installments.

This offer is available on ZoodMall, the ZoodPay Marketplace, for almost all types of Samsung smartphones.  


The whole transaction can be done online within a few minutes with no bank visit. Customers need to install or open the ZoodPay & ZoodMall app, select the Samsung smartphone they wish to purchase, choose the ZoodPay 6 installments option, provide the required information and get an instant decision.  


The customer will receive the smartphone within 48 hours of getting approval on the installment plan and making a small down payment. The remaining balance would be paid in five equal installments in the customer’s local currency every 30 days. Payments can be made online through a bank card or in cash at our partner branches in Lebanon (OMT) and Iraq (Zain Cash).  


ZoodPay and Samsung can provide this unique offer through a proprietary smartphone locking technology, where the handset will be utilized as a collateral guarantee if payments are past due. As a result, the device is "secured" until the customer settles all the installments; should the customer default, the phone will no longer be usable. 

The purchase is subject to general terms and conditions - the customer should be 18 years old and above, a valid debit or credit card should be provided, and a customer can purchase one smartphone only. 


The ZoodMall Marketplace offers over 7 million products from 30,000+ local and cross-border merchants, where customers can shop and pay in 4, 6, or 12 installments with ZoodPay.

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Flexible payment with ZoodMall Marketplace

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