Knox FAQ

1. What is Samsung Knox? 

Samsung Knox is a comprehensive set of cloud enterprise solutions built on top of a secure on-device platform to address various business needs. With Samsung Knox services your device is safe and secure. 

2. What is the Samsung Knox Guard? 

The Samsung Knox Guard is a cloud-based service that allows carriers, banks, and e-commerce platforms to remotely control and lock Samsung devices to reduce financial risks while running installment plans. 


3. Why should I accept the Samsung Knox Guard terms? 

To be able to receive a seamless service you need to accept the Samsung Knox Guard terms. Afterward, you can purchase your desired Samsung mobile device. 

4. Why is ZoodPay using the Samsung Knox Guard solution? 

ZoodPay uses the Samsung Knox Guard solution to keep Samsung devices safe and protected and to ensure uninterrupted installments with no delayed payments. 

5. What can ZoodPay do using the Samsung Knox Guard solution? 

By using the Samsung Knox Guard solution, ZoodPay can send you SMS notifications, on-screen notifications, and lock or unlock the mobile device. These operations can be executed only after obtaining the customer’s irrevocable consent on accepting the respective terms and conditions. 

6. What is ZoodPay X6 installment? 

ZoodPay X6 installment is a new payment option that makes customer purchases easier, more convenient and affordable. Together with the Samsung Knox Guard solution, ZoodPay brings e-commerce to the next level and provides the opportunity to millions of underbanked customers to purchase their own Samsung smartphone supported by an installment plan which spreads the purchase cost of the smartphone device to a more affordable six-payments plan over a period of 150 days. 

7. Why should I try the ZoodPay X6 installment? 

Because it is convenient! Buy your new Samsung smartphone and pay with six easy payments - first payment at the time of purchase, with the rest payable every 30 days for the following 5 months. 


8. Are the Samsung devices sold via ZoodPay original? 

Of course, they are! ZoodPay is a Samsung Global Partner and each device offered by ZoodPay is original and is available for sale with the X6 installment program through the Samsung Authorized Partners in each country where ZoodPay operates.

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