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1. What is ZoodPay? 
ZoodPay is a unique fintech solution for online stores and marketplaces which allows to sell goods and services on your online platform in installments or with post payment, while the customer does not need to switch to a third-party resource or contact a bank to obtain time consuming lending services. Everything is done online and right on your website. 
2. Why do online stores need it? 
Using ZoodPay online service, online stores can develop their site, attract new customers, increase sales through higher average order value and increased frequency of purchases. Now you don't need to transfer your traffic to third-party online platforms and share your customers. 
3. How to start selling with ZoodPay?
It's very easy to start selling with ZoodPay: 
1. Submit an application for co-operation on the website 
2. Sign the Merchant Agreement 
3. Set up the integration with the ZoodPay service 
After that, you can start selling. 

4. Who can become a ZoodPay Partner? 
We do not have strict criteria or restrictions. If you have an online store or marketplace, you do not sell prohibited goods, your activity complies with the legislation of your country, we are ready to consider co-operation with you. Consideration and decision making will not take more than one working day, after all the necessary documents have been submitted. 
5. How much does it cost to connect to the ZoodPay service? 
Connection to the ZoodPay service is free, you pay only for guaranteed sales, according to the approved commissions which differ per product category. 
6. Who is doing the integration? 
Integration work for the ZoodPay service is done on your side, we will provide you with all the necessary integration documentation. You can also download the plugin if your online store is built on one of popular e-commerce platforms like: PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento, Bitrix, WooCommerce, ExpandCart and others - this will greatly facilitate the process of integrating with the ZoodPay service. 
7. What is the commission for sales with the ZoodPay service? 
The commission depends on the category of goods that you sell.

8. What are the benefits of working with ZoodPay? 
• You will be able to increase the frequency of purchases, the average order value and the conversion of successful orders. 
• You do not lose your traffic, all customers remain on your platform, there is no need to switch to a third-party resource to get an installment plan. 
• We invest in marketing to increase the visibility of this payment method and our Partners. 
• You will get rid of the problems associated with paying cash on delivery. 
• Obligation to return money from customers lies entirely on our side. 
• We pay for purchases regularly. 

9. Who already sells with ZoodPay? 
ZoodPay service has long been available in the ZoodMall shopping application, in different countries of the world, such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan. All ZoodPay Partners are listed in the ZoodPay webpage "Sellers" section. 
10. How will it affect the Seller if the customer goes into delay or stops paying? 
This will not affect you in any way, all the risks of collecting the money lie on our side. In any case, you will receive the entire purchase amount minus the commission. 
11. What measures are applied to customers in case of late payment of installments? 
In the event of a delay, the customer will need to pay a fixed delay fee. In any case, we always try to help our customers and find optimal solutions to prevent delays and violations of the terms of co-operation. 
12. When will I receive my money for ZoodPay sales? 
We make mutual settlements with Sellers weekly, respectively, you will receive money for delivered orders no later than 7 days from the date of delivery. 
13. What does a customer need to have to be able to buy in my online store with ZoodPay? 
To purchase on installments with the ZoodPay service, the customer must have a bank card with a validity period of at least 3 months at the time of purchase, as well as an active mobile phone number. 
14. Which bank cards and which payment systems can be linked to ZoodPay?
To pay using ZoodPay, you can link a card of any bank with Visa or Mastercard payment systems. 
15. How does ZoodPay ensure for bank card data security? 
Security of bank card data is ensured by our Partners, typically the largest online acquirers in the country like e-pay in Kazakhstan and UzCard in Uzbekistan. Partners comply with all international standards and certifications. 
16. Do the customers need to re-enter their details when re-purchasing with ZoodPay? 
There is no such need, if the customers have already entered their data, the system will pull them up automatically, the customers only must confirm the purchase. 
17. Can I add a markup for goods/services when I pay for a purchase with ZoodPay? 
No, the prices for customers, regardless of the payment method, must be the same. 
18. Are there monthly minimum turnover requirements with ZoodPay? 
No, we do not set such requirements for our Partners, from our side we try to do everything so that you have more high-quality new customers. 
19. In which cities can ZoodPay be connected? 
ZoodPay service is an online solution, so there are no restrictions on its geography, you can sell with ZoodPay in any city in your country. 
20. How will the customer understand that the online store is a ZoodPay Partner? 
When choosing a payment method for a product, the customer will see ZoodPay in the list. Also, on our website, customers can find the entire list of Sellers using the ZoodPay service. 
21. Are there any restrictions on the number of purchases with ZoodPay in our online store? 
There are no such restrictions, customers can make purchases within the approved limit.

22. Will you advertise my online store? 
We have a plan for various activities, within the framework of which we will increase the recognition of the service and attract customers, including to your online store. 
23. Why was I refused to co-operate with the ZoodPay service? 
The reasons may be different, we reserve the right not to give the exact reason, but in any case, we recommend that you apply for co-operation again in 3 months. 
24. Do you have integrations with popular e-commerce platforms/builders? 
Yes, we are constantly working to simplify the integration of Partners with our service and now you can download the ZoodPay plugin for platforms such as PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento, Bitrix, WooCommerce, ExpandCart and others. 
25. Up to what amount can customers make purchases with ZoodPay? 
The customers can make purchases within the approved maximum limit of up to USD 515 in the equivalent of the local currency. 
26. Is it possible to return a purchase paid for with ZoodPay? 
Yes, this functionality is provided by the ZoodPay service. 
27. Is the sale commission refundable if a purchase is canceled or returned? 
Yes, the commission is refunded if the return occurred no later than 14 days from the date of delivery. After 14 days, the commission is not refundable. 
28. Are sales with ZoodPay available 24 hours a day? 
Yes, there are no time limits. 
29. When will the first payment be returned to the customer in the event of a canceled purchase from ZoodPay? 
The money will be returned in accordance with the rules of the payment systems. This usually happens almost immediately. 
30. What to do with the received invoice and work completion certificate? 
You must keep an invoice and one copy of the certificate of completion. 
The second copy of the act of completed work is sent with a seal and signature to the address:  
Almaty, Al-Farabi Avenue 19, Nurly-Tau BC, Block 1B office 603 - for Kazakhstan and 
Tashkent, Mirzo-Ulugbekskiy district, Yassi Street, 9/3 - for Uzbekistan.  

31. What is indicated on the invoice? 
The following information should be indicated on the invoice: name and address, invoice date, the period on which the invoice is issued, description of services, amount of service units (if such exist), price of each service unit, currency of the amount, all additional charges (if such exist). 
32. How to reissue a Cooperation Agreement to another company? 
To do this, you need to send a notification to the mail - for Kazakhstan, - for Uzbekistan, after which all instructions will be sent to you and the necessary documents will be requested. 
33. What banks do you cooperate with when arranging installments? 
We do not use the resources of local banks to arrange installments, we fully finance purchases from our own funds.

34. How is your service better in comparison with banks that offer similar solutions? 
The main advantage is that we are not limited to customers of a particular bank, therefore you are given the opportunity to sell goods on installments to a much larger customer base. 
There are other benefits too, like: 
• For purchases, the customer does not need to submit an application to a bank and sign documents, it is enough to have a valid bank card and select the ZoodPay payment method on your website. 
• There is no need to be the owner of a club card or to be a customer of any particular bank. 
• There are no additional costs for customers, no interest is charged, and no commissions are applied. 
• Instant approval of an order can be confirmed within a few seconds

1. What is ZoodPay in-store shopping? 
ZoodPay in-store shopping is a simple and convenient payment solution which offers customers the possibility to pay for in-store purchases in 4 equal installments without interest or hidden fees.
The ZoodPay in-store payment solution is only available in our Partners’ network of stores. 

2. Why does the Partner store need to offer ZoodPay? 
By allowing customers to buy goods or services in installments without interest or hidden fees, our Partners will be able to increase their turnover by acquiring new customers, achieving growth through conversion, and increasing the average order value and the number of goods within one purchase.  

3. Who can shop in-store with ZoodPay?
To use the ZoodPay in-store payment solution, the customer must be at least 18 years old and have a valid local mobile number as well as a bank card that is valid at least for the next 3 months. To make the in-store shopping experience seamless, we recommend that customers download the ZoodMall app and get their credit limit approved before approaching the in-store cashier.

4. How does ZoodPay in-store work? 

Shopping in-store with ZoodPay is so easy! In order to split the in-store purchase amount into 4 interest-free installments, the customer needs to follow this process:  

  • Download the ZoodMall app and tap on the “ZoodPay” tab at the bottom of the screen  

  • Tap on the “Get limit now” button and provide the requested information to get approval on the spending limit  

  • Go to the ZoodPay Partner’s shop, scan the QR code using the app, confirm your in-store purchase and enjoy shopping with ZoodPay!  

Following the customer’s confirmation of the in-store purchase amount in the ZoodMall app, 25% of the purchase amount will be processed immediately while the remaining installments will be withdrawn from the customer’s bank card every 30 days. 

5. Should the customer spend the entire approved spending limit? 
ZoodPay does not limit customers, they can make purchases for any amount within the available spending limit.

6. What happens to the spending limit if it is not used fully?
The spending limit is valid for 3 months and the customer can make purchases in Partners’ stores until it is fully used. The available limit is restored when the customer makes his/her payments, and the limit grows with each successful order repayment.

7. What if the customer in-store purchase was not approved?

We suggest that the customer checks the following in case his/her in-store purchase was not approved:    

  • Are there sufficient funds in the customer’s bank account for the first installment? There should be at least 25% of the purchase amount available in the bank account for the 1st ZoodPay payment.   

  • Does the purchase amount exceed the customer’s available ZoodPay spending limit? If so, decrease the new purchase amount or repay previous order(s).  

  • The minimum ZoodPay in-store purchase amount is UZS 150,000. Make sure your in-store purchase amount is not less than UZS 150,000. 

8. Will delayed payments by the customers affect the Partner? What are the Partner’s risks? 
Partners carry absolutely no risks; all the risks are borne by ZoodPay. The Partner will receive payments for successfully sold goods in a timely manner.

9. When will the settlements take place? 
Mutual settlements will be held twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays.

10. Will the Partner’s commission be refunded in case of purchase return? 
In case of purchase return, the commission is fully refunded to the Partner.

11. Can the Partner make a partial refund? 
Partial refund can be made, in this case the commission will be refunded only from the amount of the goods returned.

12. Who should reimburse the customer for the refund? 
Only ZoodPay can make a refund to the customer.

13. Can the Partner add a commission to the purchase price?
This provision is regulated by the rules of ZoodPay. The Partner has no right to inflate the value of the goods when paying ZoodPay or to place any other restriction on the customer.

14. Is there a Partner requirement to connect with ZoodPay? 
To get an accurate response, the Partner needs to apply for cooperation through the ZoodPay website (

15. Are there any turnover requirements with ZoodPay? 
There are no requirements on turnover.

16. Can the Partner place the ZoodPay pointers outside or inside the store?
Placing the ZoodPay pointers outside or inside the store is a prerequisite.